Dirigo Design & Development

Resort Maps
Done Right

Mobile friendly
With features like drag, zoom, and full screen mode our maps provide app-like navigation.
Simple embed code
We provide a simple embed code that allows you to include your maps anywhere on your website.
Scalable, vector graphics
Our maps are based on scalable vector graphics, which means they'll always work on any device.
Multi-mountain, multi-peak
Any resort, any size. We can handle it.
Advanced and intuitive filtering
Give your users the power to see exactly what they want with flexibile, resort-specific filtering.
We use MTNXML, so you can use feeds you probably already have to power your map.
Personalized to your resort
Enhance your map by adding labels to any element (trails, lifts, amenities, etc).

We’ve Got Demos

Okemo Mountain Resort

Hang on, there’s a map coming.

How do I acquire one of these delightful maps?

To learn more about Dirigo's interactive resport maps, email Jamie Ippolito (or call at 207-358-2981).

Mount Snow

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